Marketing Internship

The work we do with A Connected Leader is to bring consciousness to the workplace for healthy human development and business to create a regenerative impact in the world. We share knowledge about helping business leaders achieve functioning, and self-sustaining organizational cultures by harnessing the authentic and powerful principles of a natural living system.

Role description

We’re looking for a someone who passionate about and has experience in social media and marketing within the world of raising consciousness and regenerative living. This role will require an understanding or willingness to learn/research about the conscious business coaching market. This is a creative position that will require excellent organizing skills, writing, generating theme ideas, having an eye for good photography and being engaged in conversation and participation with A Connected Leader’s online community.


  • Creative, reliable and self-directed.

  • Enthusiastic about writing, communication, media and marketing with some experience

  • Eager to learn more.

  • Tech-savvy and a fast learner of new software and social media platforms.

  • Understands how to navigate and use the functionalities of google-docs.

  • Has social media, writing, networking experience and a good eye for design.

  • Available to make 1 hour Skype call every-two weeks

  • Start date: December 10th

  • Has 5 hours of availability per week.


  • Generate creative content themes related to conscious business.

  • Identify influential Instagram/Linkedin accounts that have relevant and inspiring content for reposting.

  • Gather content. Curate photos, captions and post on social media accounts.

    • Linkedin

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

  • Identify key Instagram/Linkedin influencers and engage with their social media accounts.

  • Once a month, interview Mark Morey on a topic and write a blog post based on the interview.