Embrace Change because it is the only Certainty

we must embrace change
because it is the only
certainty we have



We all need to be clear and conscious in the face of ever-changing environments and situations. That's how nature works, and nature is in all of us. 

I work with individuals and organizations to develop capacity, curiosity, and connection. Why? Because those are the things that make life worth living and work worth doing. Everything is moving almost too fast to grasp, but if you have the perspective, tools, and moxie to embrace the unknown, you have everything you need to change yourself, your organization, and your world.

Nature is our most constant and patient teacher. My work is helping you translate nature's language into your life. This is how organizations and individuals go from good to great as well as bringing a sense of sustainability to that growth through seeing employees as real resources to develop.




All available evidence has shown the benefit of individuals’ connection to the natural world in order to foster happier, healthier, and more effective people and teams. Every organization is different, but my goal is always to cultivate these outcomes through a customized approach co-created with you.

Developing a human culture

Anyone's work is best done—and arguably, can only be done—by creating a framework for capacity-building through relationships. Stakes and pressure can be high for individuals and teams, which can lead to a “not my circus, not my monkeys” effect. All of us, however, are more likely to help those to whom we feel a true connection. By taking individuals into a place where no one holds the conch, we create a bond that will filter into greater effectiveness and cross-functional collaboration.

Natural thinking = Systems thinking

Systems thinking is based on finding the connections between seemingly unrelated things. Early civilizations and peoples knew this and we need to relearn this: everything is connected. By having team members experience nature with an eye to building new ways to interact, co-create, and regenerate themselves and their work, we can take the most fundamental and essential lessons we humans know and use those to build a more harmonious and efficient means of working.

Building whole-person wellness

Almost every company I've worked with requires its employees to do high-stakes, detail-specific work in front of screens. There is often no getting around this, but there is a way to fold into it a more healthy, balanced, approach to the whole person. By investing in team members’ connection to the natural world, you will increase their wellness, clarity, and connection to each other. This will translate into better retention for the organization and better attention for the team member.



"Ok, I'm intrigued, now what?" is a good next question. Below are 3 specific ways to engage with me and start improving yourself, your connections, and your organization, but don't hesitate to simply call and talk with me about what you feel your need is. I'm sure we can find or create something that will fit you.

One-on-one coaching

We are all trying to improve—to strive for better rather than "more." I've worked with individuals from C-suite executives to entrepreneurs to educators to seekers. Often when we consider what we need to grow, it's really helpful to have someone who is your ally, but who also can see you for all your complexity and purpose. That's the role I play: I ask and reframe, I listen and reflect back, I understand and guide forward. 

Group engagement

All of us are working and living in a kind of stew we call culture. There is the big "C" Culture of peoples and nations, and the small "c" culture of our organizations. This culture both drives and reflects our values, so it can be vital to bring others along with us on our journey to better. I have worked with countless teams to examine, clarify, and invigorate their group dynamics in communication, mission, balance, and compassion.

Organizational transformation

An organization is a kind of organism that is trying to concurrently know itself and improve itself. Employees, the building blocks of this organism, want to know their roles and responsibilities as well as the "why" of what they are doing. Engaged employees make for engaged customers/clients and I've been excited to develop programs and trainings to bring a whole-person approach to a whole-organization transformation.




Here's a central truth: we are all built for connections—to culture, community, each other, and ourselves. I've been examining the inner-workings of these connections through the lens of the natural world for my entire life. You may not see how nature affects your daily work, but it does, whether or not you believe it.

Much of what eludes all of us can be found by placing ourselves in the quiet of nature with a guide who can show us a new way to see. This is what I've done for countless individuals as well as companies from large to small, traditional to progressive, software to human services—any organization that needs to find, hold, and amplify an uncommon level of excellence in all they do.

For the last 30 years I've been a national leader in the movement to reconnect humanity to the natural world. I've done this though several organizations that I've founded as well as international events in the Art of Mentoring.

I've now organized high-performance teams in a dozen US locations as well as Canada, England, Germany, Scotland, Austria and France. This work has taken me inside Google, Harvard, Telluride Venture Accelerator, Boston Startups, and the tech world.



You can fill out this form or you can just call me at 802.254.5800 or email me at mark@aconnectedleader.com