Deep within our physical bodies, in our neural programming and DNA, perhaps within our soul, we are meant to be living differently than we do. Many people know this, but they have given up on change.

I focus on strengthening connection to self, others, and nature because those intricate links can reweave our lives and work culture. Connection creates businesses based on principles true to humanity, principles that follow the systems and patterns of nature-based cultures and the natural world. It reveals the otherwise invisible practices that shape our experience, our expectations, and our relationships.

A primary task for leadership in the 21st century is to facilitate a transition from mechanistic and transactional values into natural patterns of resilience and health. It is time to look beyond the next quarter and to make decisions for many generations. Check out our Video: Tools for Connection and a Meaningful Workplace.


You Have a Restart Key

Your business can nurture family and community.

You can develop your employees as part of a meaningful workplace.

You can keep your ethics and creativity alive as your business thrives.

You can move the boundaries of what you believe to be possible in the corporate world.

As a one-on-one coach and mentor, Mark has helped me to overcome blocks that I couldn’t even see myself, and to live life as I’ve always wanted to live it... I would encourage anyone thinking of working with Mark, either one-on-one or in a group setting, to go for it.
— Evan Leonard Program Manager at Google