A Connected Leader Dojo Sessions Podcast 

What is the Dojo?

The Dojo is a forum for learning and connecting with others.  We share teachings around staying true to the deepest level of nature and culture wisdom and then trusting the process and delivering it in the right time, right place, and right state of being. It's a community of practice made better through your participation.

Mark Morey

Mark Morey is dedicated to helping business leaders achieve healthy, functioning, and self-sustaining organizational cultures by harnessing the authentic and powerful principles of nature.

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Join our community of practice we call "The Dojo" to load up your connected leader toolbox and learn how to use it. (Next cohort: 2018)

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Dojo Podcast #5 - 8 Directions
EPISODE 5 / APRIL 6, 2016

This month, Mark walks us through a framework of eight archetypal roles on a team. Each of the roles has a unique and also complimentary set of tasks to the rest of the team.  These roles are not only tasks but a ‘lens of awareness’ through which to view the same situation, providing diverse perspectives, mindfulness and ultimately resilience for the team and the event experience.  This system can be applied in a variety of settings from a 45 minute meeting to a weekend company retreat.  It’s very effective.

Dojo Podcast #4 - Nature is Relevant at Work
EPISODE 4 / MARCH 2, 2016

This month tells the story of Mark and Roberto's Connected Leader training at Google and the relevance nature connection has in the workplace.  Program managers have the embodied experience of curiosity, exploring the unknown and syncing into the collective intelligence of the group.