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Igniting Company Culture: Tools of Connection for Changing the Invisible Workplace

Friday December 4th,
9:00am - 12:00pm

Seoul Conference Room, 11th Floor,
Cambridge Innovation Center
One Broadway, Cambridge, MA

$75.00 (plus one)

We know it takes momentum to create change, so bring a friend with you at no extra cost.

The event is full !  Please submit your name and email to be on the list for the next Boston event in the new year.  If you have ways to promote the event, let us know that too !  Click here


Business culture is facing a crisis. People are disengaged (70% says a recent Gallup poll), disenchanted, and dissatisfied with their work lives. 

Work culture does not allow people to use their gifts, and corporate culture takes far too much from the environment.

Profitable companies can be humane. They must be if they expect to continuously attract talent and fuel innovation in a workforce that seeks meaning.

I facilitate connection to self, others, and the natural world. To be connected to self is to know your purpose. Connection to others is to recognize the humanity of the people you work with. Connection to the natural world is to understand that we are nature. 

Connection allows a person to see the otherwise invisible practices that create a company culture. A connected leader supports healthy practices and discards damaging ones.

Igniting Company Culture Through Tools of Connection will help you to create a thriving and meaningful workplace. This workshop will give you tools to foster a well-woven fabric of relationships for a more resilient business.

I help people and companies create more meaningful, connected cultures. As a cultural mentor, I have spent nearly three decades learning to discern the most powerful elements and connection processes, from our own modern culture and from indigenous cultures around the world. 

I help you to reweave a company culture into a company based on principles that follow the systems and patterns of nature-based cultures and the natural world.


• You have a leadership role and decision making ability in an organization with 12 to 1200 employees
• You play a role in shaping human development within your organization
• You are keen to engage in personal growth as part of your leadership path
• You plan to have an annual or semi-annual offsite for employees
• You consider yourself a conscious business leader
• You suspect it is possible and productive for the people in your company to be happy most of the time.


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