JANUARY 12TH, 6 - 9PM,  SAN LUIS OBISPO, California

At the Crossroads: Strong Culture Design and Company Survival

This experiential workshop is designed (and curated) to be provocative and engaging. With three dynamic leaders you will explore principles, stories and a creative process of innovating human-centered company-culture.

You will have a chance to hear from the presenters, potent inspirational perspectives from their life experiences in creating conscious culture.  The presenters and participants will break into small groups to come up with creative cultural innovations and solutions to the questions:

  • What would be possible if company culture was a thriving lifestyle, where human needs were congruent with innovative business practices?

  • How would you design a human-centered workplace innovated by employees to create a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace?

  • What natural/biological patterns can we introduce into our organizations to make humans feel more at home?

The afternoon will wrap up with harvesting the innovation sessions and sharing our learnings over catered hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  After the workshop you will have the option to follow up and participate in the Culture Innovation Lab, a forum for integrating your workshop insights.


Mark Morey is a visionary educator, an engineer of culture, and a mentor of leaders.  

He dedicates his life to helping business leaders achieve healthy, functioning and self-sustaining organizational cultures by harnessing the authentic and powerful principles of nature.




Connected Leadership and Strong Company Culture

This presentation will be a conversation introducing the high leverage approaches to thriving work environments; connected leadership and conscious company culture.

Mark Morey will inspire your leadership through engaging stories and provocative questions from his unique background of indigenous models of leadership and resilient culture.  Themes include: what is the benefit of connection, transfer applications in the workplace, how conscious culture stirs passion and innovation and how courage is the new horizon for leadership.


December 11th, 2014

World Business Academy Radio Interview with Mark Morey

The Academy's monthly podcast, "New Business Paradigms: Conscious Commentary on Business and Society", covers the latest in macro-economic trends as well as in-depth analysis of politics, business and society.   The World Business Academy is a nonprofit think tank and action incubator. We work to inspire business to assume responsibility for the whole of society.



Nature-Connected Leadership: Standing at the Threshold of Radical Change

From studying nature and long-term indigenous social systems from around the world, Mark Morey believes that our greatest hope for the future and ‘a new type of thinking’ lies in relationship-based systems that include: self, nature, others and the unseen. A primary task for leadership in the 21st century is to courageously transition our companies, organizations, communities and families in the direction of these natural patterns of resilience and health.

Through storytelling, guided inquiry, ritual, and immersive practices of connection with the natural world, Mark will guide you on a transformational journey that will result in breakthrough ways of being a leader. This experience will be a unique intersection between leadership, initiation, systems thinking, deep nature connection, mythology, cultural resilience, and human potential.