The conference call software we are using, known as "Maestro Conference",  has an integrated online platform that can be used in tandem with the Connected Leader Dojo call.  The platform is called "Social Webinar" and has some great features such as the option to provide a picture and contact information as well as manually "raising your hand", being able to see who else has raised their hand, and a visual aid. that lets you see who is speaking. 


Social Webinar can be accessed easily by referring to your 'Reminder' email that supplies the conference call phone # and your individualized PIN #. A snap shot below shows the button. 



The steps you need to get into the Social Webinar platform

  1. Dial in to the conference a few minutes before the start of the call to give you enough time to setup.
  2. Click on the Access Social Webinar button in the reminder email. This will automatically log you in to the call under your individual PIN #. If you get an error, make sure you are dialed into the call and that the call has begun before trying again.
  3. You will then be prompted to create your profile. Please fill in the required fields on this page. You also have the option to link your Social Webinar profile with your Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn accounts. Notice at the bottom their is also the option to make your contact information public to the group. Use your discretion.


Once you are in the conference you will be able to see the view below. 


See the bright green color around the person's picture? That is showing you who is speaking. We can also see that this person has a signal that they have "raised their hand" as well with the small icon of a hand and the number pressed. 


Notice as well the bar above the list of people in the call has a "raise hands" option. This can be used to raise your hand instead of pressing the key pad on your phone. Simply click that button and it will give you an option of 1 - 5 to show your hand. 

There is also a chat window where you can send a short message during the phone call. This will be a good place to send notes about technical issues to both Mark and Roberto.