We all need to be clear and conscious in the face of ever-changing environments and situations. That's how nature works, and it’s in all of us. 

I work with individuals and organizations to develop capacity, curiosity, and connection. Why? Because those are the things that make life worth living and work worth doing. Everything is moving almost too fast to grasp, but if you have the perspective, tools, and moxie to embrace the unknown, you have everything you need to change yourself, your organization, and your world.

Look up, look out, and look around—the answer is, in fact, blowing in the wind, as well as chuckling in a brook, stretching in a glade, and whispering in the trees. Nature is our most constant and patient teacher. My work is helping you translate Its language into your life.


As a one-on-one coach and mentor, Mark has helped me to overcome blocks that I couldn’t even see myself, and to live life as I’ve always wanted to live it... I would encourage anyone thinking of working with Mark, either one-on-one or in a group setting, to go for it.
— Evan Leonard Program Manager at Google