Be a Connected Leader, Become a Force of Nature

It is imperative that we re-think our relationship with the natural world. The ecological resource on which we depend for our very existence is being depleted. Humanity is responsible for this circumstance and humanity must take the lead in healing it.

Business, as a human system, is one of the most impactful forces on Earth. That's why I am focusing there. My vision is help transition humanity and this system, into connection with nature, in balance with the whole.   

I work with business leaders, innovators and influencers to shift the culture of business from its historical assumption that natural resources are limitless, off-balance-sheet windfalls to a realistic one that sees that we are all connected in a single living web. That is the only way we will create a thriving future for our grandchildren and the kind of world I want to live in. 

I want to see the world of business act like nature, learn to live with nature, and be designed like nature. I'm interested in large scale cultural change.  If this sounds like you come join me for a fireside chat and good food !


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About You:

You understand that humanity must change course and reconnect with nature in order to have a sustainable future.

You have always wanted to be a bridge between nature and business and are committed to foster this connection.

You have a project, a place of influence, and or a network to work with.

You have the potential to embody nature connection and be the bridge between people and nature.

You are looking for mentorship.

You are high functioning in multiple areas of your life.