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What is the Nature of Business in a Regenerative World ?


It is imperative that we innovate new ways of doing business that take into account our humanity and our precious remaining resources.  How we mentor the next generation of leaders is critical.  We must do this through individual leader training and broader cultural mentoring, both in business and community.

My goal is to help you become a Connected Leader.  
A leader with a vision of culture that is true to humanity and the natural world.

Come join the conversation about the vision of connected leadership and the role of conscious leaders in a regenerative world.  What is the role of business ?  To serve the needs of people in the context of an inter-related natural world. Business, commerce, economy all interact with the lifeblood of ourselves, neighbors and the earth.

I'm here to say that it's time to innovate a new future.  That not only restoration of our planetary systems depends on us, the people, but we have an imperative to leave it better than we found it.  To live regeneratively, to commerce regeneratively, is the high bar of designing a thoughtful enterprise.  

The leaders I work with have several traits in common. They have a deeply felt sense of what is right and kind for people and the planet. They also feel the tension between what they want in their heart and what is required for income. This conflict takes a toll, and it stems from a false choice of either do good or profit.  The leaders I mentor learn to make their work and their workplace a channel for the best of humanity.  It's a conscious mission.

January 20th, Wednesday Night, 7pm - 9pm.  CSI Annex    Be there.

Hear how you can contribute to a movement that fosters emergent leadership.
Because people and planet matter.

“As a one-on-one coach and mentor, Mark has helped me to overcome blocks that I couldn’t even see myself, and to live life as I’ve always wanted to live it... I would encourage anyone thinking of working with Mark, either one-on-one or in a group setting, to go for it.”

— Evan Leonard Program Manager at Google