Schumacher College

I taught at Schumacher College in the UK piloting The Connected Leader initiation experience. The photo above is one of the models I presented that speaks to the interlocking weave of human interdependence with the laws of nature and the role of culture to reinforce that truth.

Listen to the audio above to listen in.

Below are two epic quotes from participants, speaking from the place of a connected leader at the end of the course.

Vanessa, HSBC

I used to stand alone and close my heart to make me stronger, to be able to stand alone, longer. 

Now I open my heart and see good, share knowledge, feel love and build community.

I stand for connection, learning, reciprocity and community.

When leading trainings, I used to say ‘what is your highest potential?’ Now, after learning about the legacy of being a connected leader, I will ask them ‘What is your highest potential that serves the greater good ?’

Global Head of Leadership Development and Culture Change, HSBC Bank


Carol, ecologist

Because of the pain I feel when I witness nature being torn apart in the past I felt great anger towards the perpetrators. The way I operate now is to understand the roots of their actions, their fears, their confusion and their lack of connection.

Now I will continue to work in a more loving way, with them, to harness our connective energies, in regenerative ways.

What I stand for is a more equal and just world, where humans share more equitably with each other and with nature.  And I stand for human culture rooted in nature. 

I will work with our barren and damaged, internal and external landscapes, to create ecosystems teeming with life once more. 

Ecologist, South Africa