Awake at Work!

What does it take to thrive at work? (or at home!)

Please enjoy this free replay about Tools for a Connected and a Meaningful Workplace! Head over to the Offerings page to see what services I offer. And please comment and ask questions below as you watch this, so we can create a rich discussion about life at work. 

In order for people to thrive, they need an ongoing connection to themselves, others and nature, whether at home or at work. If you find your work meaningless and you feel you have no control over it, you are far more likely to become depressed or unengaged.

In this webinar you will:

Learn workplace reflection techniques that develop self-knowledge and the capacity to serve others.

Learn the art of questioning, a Socratic curiosity builder that unlocks innovation and passion.

Develop awareness of the nested human systems through the refreshing lens of time-tested living system frameworks.

Learn to practice and lead the art of gratitude at work, fostering a meaningful and connected workplace culture

Please Comment and Ask Questions below as you watch!

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