Awake at Work!

In order for people to thrive, they need an ongoing connection to themselves, others and nature, whether at home or at work. If you find your work meaningless and you feel you have no control over it, you are far more likely to become depressed or unengaged. This webinar series will bring you the tools you need to create these connections for yourself as a leader as well as for others.

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Art of Questioning


What is happening ?

I like this in the present tense.  It implies that this reflection question happens in the moment, providing an immediate lens of awareness.  This is a game changer if you have an interest in breakthrough results in your life.  The key to this question is the rigor of observation.  Challenge yourself to stay with

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Sharing Gratitude at Work: 6 Steps.

I believe that company cultures, as well as individuals, can reinvent themselves to be more human, more relational, and more in accordance with our nature. I mentor leaders to be connected to self, others and the natural world. This web of connections allows my clients to have a steady flow of confident decision making and creativity.  (See the 6 steps below here)

Gratitude is one of the foundational practices of how I lead my companies and what I teach my clients. Gratitude in the workplace now appears in headlines, primarily because ...

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Lessons from my time at Google: Nature, Culture and Leadership

"Do you know if this plant is poison hemlock ?" I asked. I always like to know what the hazards are when I enter a new environment. For example, what can kill me in under half an hour after accidentally ingesting it.  Being from Vermont, I'm cautious around the family of plants that look like carrot tops when I'm in California.

Three faces looked back at me blankly, slightly wide eyed, a fourth almost spoke.

The workshop participants were all Google employees, and we were just outside the building, in the unmanicured area that surrounds their workplace parking lot.

People pause at the word hemlock. Even without googling, they know it as death ...

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